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Interactive Games provide a truly unique experience for you and your guests. These sports inflatable games can be fun for all ages and a great crowd pleaser at bigger events. You can rent interactive games online through our Instant Price and Availability box on the left or by calling us at (866) 989-JUMP.

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Free Throw Shootout

BouncyRoo brings you a challenge that everyone will love with the Free Throw Shootout. Whether you are a veteran sharpshooter or a rookie not-so-sharpshooter, this amusement is always a fun activity. Who doesn't enjoy shooting balls through a hoop? This product is attractively designed with colorful and decorative panels. The Free Throw Shootout is eight feet tall with two hoops to challenge competitors. Shooters may stand at the free throw line nine feet from the basket or create a tougher challenge from farther spots as they please. Shoot a 3-pointer, half court or full court shot, the challenge is yours to create. Balls are conveniently returned to shooters by the ramp beneath the baskets. ​Everyone is sure to enjoy a fun shoot-around challenge with the Free Throw Shootout! Easy to operate, maintain, and attend. $30 delivery fee per order will be applied after checkout if rented without an inflatable product. Item is eligible for in-store pickup at our garage without a delivery fee. Riders: 2


Originally appearing on "The Price is Right," Plinko is a game where players drop an object down a board. The object bounces around as it falls, finally landing in a spot at the bottom that can win the contestant big prizes or sometimes nothing at all.

Roller Bowler

The teasing Roller Bowler Game is played by trying to roll the ball with just enough force so that it goes over the hump and stays in the pocket area on the other side. Just when it looks it is going to stay in the pocket area the ball comes rolling back. Players can't resist the temptation of " just one more roll".

Trackless Train Ride

Our bright and colorful gas powered trackless train can hold up to 6 children or 4 adults per coach. The train will ride on most surfaces.

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